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LegUp x Kinside: Answers to your top questions
LegUp x Kinside: Answers to your top questions

How providers can share their openings with employees from thousands of companies across the United States.

Written by Stefanie Motte
Updated over a week ago

LegUp and Kinside have merged! Read more here and find answers to commonly asked questions below.

  1. How will my LegUp access change? It won’t! You can still log in at to manage enrollment and use your Enrollment Page to share openings, your waitlist, and tour schedule. All of these features won’t be going anywhere, they’ll only get better.

  2. I have a LegUp account - do I need to do anything right now? Just log in and make sure your open seats and tour schedule is up to date.

  3. Will LegUp still have a free option for me? Yes! Our pricing options will not be changing.

  4. How will this merger help me fill seats faster? Kinside works with thousands of employers across the country whose employees go through Kinside to find availability through their search functionality and their white-glove concierge services. Your openings will be shared with those families if they’re looking for care near you.

  5. How do I sign up with LegUp? Go to and join a demo or sign up for a free account today!

  6. How many employers does Kinside work with? Thousands, and it’s growing every day. Kinside not only works with employers individually but with benefit companies that gives tens of thousands of employers access to child care support.

  7. Will I have the ability to share my openings with Kinside’s employers? Yes! Our systems are already talking to each other to help share your openings, and they’ll do so even more soon!

  8. Will I still be able to share my seats with private-pay and subsidy-pay families? Absolutely. While Kinside works exclusively with employers, subsidy-pay families can either go through their child care benefit or go directly to your Enrollment Page to find care. We will also continue to work with child care resource and referral agencies so their family specialists can connect families to openings at your program.

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